Luxury Tenojoki

Aurora borealis

When you want to see the highest confidence in the Northern Lights, come Utsjoki.

Meteorological Service statistics show that Utsjoki has 3 nights 4 through the northern lights illuminated. Northern Lights is a sufficient condition for seeing the darkness, and as a cloudless sky.

The best auroras are the admiration of the time on both sides of the midnight hour.

Late winter and early autumn are statistically the cheapest times aurora presence.

Spring is also the average of low clouds, so that March is the preferred time of aurora observation. At that time, hiihtokelitkin are at their best.

"The Northern Lights are the light phenomena, which consist of colorful, dancing, and varying patterns of the night sky. These light phenomena is more, the farther you go the equator. The Northern Lights caused by the solar wind of charged particles hitting the Earth's atmosphere. "

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