Luxury Tenojoki


Winter is a mysticism of Lapland at its best. Thin, light blue stain unforgettable landscape and cold beneath the surface of natural breathing can be heard peacefully.

Midwinter, ie polar night is the annual period when the sun does not rise above the horizon. Utsjoki winter lasts 51 days. The end of November, mid-january.

Polar night is magic.

"According to reports, the Lapps were considered to be powerful wizards and taikojia. Lapps had the ability to bewitch, mesmerize and control the people magic. Terrifying were perhaps the witches of Lapland, which could take sick livestock or game. A certain kind of pain called noidannuoleksi space, because it was thought that it was caused by an invisible arrow that was shot bow arctic witch. "

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Luxury Tenojoki
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