Luxury Tenojoki

Fishing trip in mountain lakes

Paistunturi Rautujärvi are high, more than 400 meters above sea level, treeless, an indescribably beautiful in the tundra.

Pure Drew Sten (potable water) and clear lakes, surrounded by dozens of migratory birds nest in the hills and my bird - eg. Golden Eagle, piekana, snowy owl, grouse and ptarmigan.

Mountains may also run into an extremely endangered naali, or Europe's largest animal, marten, ahma.

Stocks in the lakes is good. Lajeina catch char and trout.

Fishing can be practiced at least three different ways: throwing a fly, snare, and a canoe or a rubber boat trolling.

Lakes to the beach, eye-catching scenery, has been erected to shelter a pause, which serves a delicious dinner of fresh and clean, local cuisine prepared in a professional manner.

Transportation road car - the journey time 1.5 h direction. Or a guided walking 4-6 h direction.

Luxury Tenojoki
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